UK:     Privately printed and published by The Brontë Society, 1988: Brontë Society:
ISBN: 0-9505829-4-8; casebound 0-9505829-3-X.  

Juliet says:" A limited edition book produced to celebrate the diamond jubilee of the Brontë Parsonage Museum. My idea was to select sixty treasures from the collections to represent each of the sixty years since the Brontës’s own home had become a museum  open to the public. Lavishly illustrated in full colour, it has a photograph of all the items, which range from Emily’s tiny diary paper of 1834 to Charlotte’s going-away dress after her marriage to Arthur Bell Nicholls in 1854, followed by a short description, history and provenance of each object. Simon Warner, my favourite photographer of the Haworth landscape, also took these photographs."