UK:     Everyman Classic, 1985: ISBN: 0-460-01496-X
Everyman, 1993: ISBN: 0-460-872283-6 

Juliet says: "When I was working as curator and librarian at the Brontë Parsonage Museum I was frequently asked if there was an edition of the Brontës’s poems available. At the time the only books in print were academic texts intended for scholars and concentrating on only one of the Brontës. When a circular came round from Everyman asking for ideas for future publications, I therefore suggested a selection of poems by each of the four Brontës, with an academically sound text (which I transcribed myself from the manuscripts wherever possible) and notes explaining their subject and context (especially important with the Brontës to distinguish between autobiographical poems and those written for the imaginary worlds of Angria and Gondal). This was the result".  

What the cover says: A unique collection of poems by Charlotte, Anne, Emily and their brother Branwell.

            Through these poems we can glimpse the sorrows and vicissitudes of the Brontës’ short and often tragic lives – much of Anne’s most moving verse was written during her unhappy years as a governess when she was trying to reconcile her duty with her feelings. We can gain access, too, to some of the Brontës’ deepest and most powerful emotions – for Emily the sight of wild flowers or bleak moorlands could arouse as poignant an emotion as could the deepest human suffering.

            This selection provides a generous representation of both the well known and much loved Brontë poems, and others which, although less well known, equally deserve a wider audience.

            The most comprehensive paperback edition available, with introduction, notes, selected criticism and chronology of the Brontës’ lives and times.

Links: Brontë Parsonage Museum, Haworth & Brontë Society: www.bronte.org.uk