UK:     Canterbury Press, 2007: ISBN: 978-1-85311-850-0  

Juliet says: "I first came across Caring For Life, a Christian charity based in Leeds, in 2004 when I was one of the party in attendance on a royal visit. Having done my swotting up on the way there and read some of the stories about the people in its care, I was absolutely dreading going there: I could not imagine it to be anything other than a sombre and depressing place. How wrong I was! Despite everything that has happened – and sometimes continues to happen – to these people, the atmosphere at Caring For Life can only be described as one of joy and laughter. Lives are literally transformed simply be being offered (and learning to accept) unconditional love. Imagine achieving an 85% success rate in preventing re-offending and a 95% success rate in preventing a return to homelessness! In a country where 75% of prisoners re-offend after release, mental health care is simply inadequate and drug and alcohol abuse is soaring, such dreams are beyond most government agencies. Yet Caring For Life has done this annually for over twenty years, even though it works with people for whom Social Services can do nothing more. I was drawn in on that very first visit and remain an enthusiastic and committed supporter of this wonderful charity. This  little book, which I wrote to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of Caring For Life, explains how and why it has succeeded where so many others have failed. As my contribution to its work all my proceeds from the book are donated directly to Caring For Life – and if you buy it directly from Caring For Life you get a signed copy. So please buy one (or more) now!"


What the cover says: The Deafening Sound of Silent Tears tells for the first time the story of a remarkable group of people who, through their commitment to follow the example of Jesus Christ in embracing those whom society rejects, have made a dramatic difference to the lives of thousands of young people. Many of them have learning difficulties or mental health problems. Many had experienced years of unimaginable abuse – physical, sexual and mental. Some had drifted into crime, others into homelessness or addiction. By treating them all as made in God’s image, transformation has occurred in countless lives.

            Twenty years ago, the pastor and children’s worker in a Leeds Baptist Church founded Caring For Life to offer homes for the homeless, meaningful and therapeutic employment for those unable to find paid work and unconditional love to people who had never been loved or were difficult to love. Most importantly, they promised that their support would last for life.

            Today over three thousand people have benefited from that promise. In contrast to the widespread belief in punishment as the fashionable answer to soaring rates of addiction and crime, Caring For Life has achieved an outstanding success rate of over 90% in preventing a return to homelessness or re-offending. The story of how this has been achieved – the tragedies and triumphs, the tears and the laughter – is the subject of this dramatic and touching book.


Reviews of The Deafening Sound of Silent Tears:  

‘Reading it made me angry, humbled, encouraged and amazed all in one go. Juliet Barker and Canterbury Press are to be applauded for telling this story and getting it into the public domain. It deserves to sell a million – that it probably won’t is a travesty. Buy it, sell it and promote it, because the charity gets the royalties from this book.’
Clem Jackson, Christian Marketplace  

‘a book that will provoke a reaction in the reader … Easily read and suitable both for Christians and non-Christians, this book will move you to compassion as you ask yourself, “How can I make a difference?” I strongly recommend that everyone reads this book.’
Gail Curry, Evangelicals Now  

‘a most remarkable book about an even more remarkable work … To say the story is quite amazing is by no means an understatement. Juliet Barker writes with total honesty, empathy and understanding. I was moved to tears as I read this book.’
David Searle, www.arbroathstandrews.org.uk  

‘Well written, moves with pace, and catches some of the personal stories which touch the reader’s heart’
Glyn Williams, Evangelical Times  

‘I did not find reading this book was a pleasant or comfortable experience, and yet I was drawn onwards by the sheer pathos of the unfolding story … A worthwhile, though disturbing, read.’
Jackie Rowe, The Good Book Stall

Links: Caring For Life: www.caringforlife.co.uk